Nowhere To Run: 18 – Morgan Stanley Interview

Announcer: From the EIP Sylvanian Operations Center, somewhere in south-eastern PA, it’s Nowhere To Run!

Totally true, and I’m not afraid to name names this time. Instead of protecting the innocent, I am impugning the guilty.

That’s right, Morgan Stanley, I remember this ridiculous interview, and I’m not going to forget, either. I also remember the email I sent in reply to your patronizing “thanks but no thanks” email. You have the nerve to patronize me? No, I am the one rejecting you and your idiot developers.

I take you to the night of October 16, 2006.


That is quite alright. My interview experience with your “company” was not one that impressed me. Be advised that interviews in which the candidate is coerced to say something is correct when it is in fact incorrect is not an effective recruitment technique. I wish you the best of luck in remedying said situation.

Yours Sincerely,
Me wrote:

Thank you for joining us for interviews recently. We very much enjoyed speaking with you and learning more about your experiences and interests.

Since our visit, we have reviewed the qualifications of a large group of candidates who have applied for a limited number of positions we are able to offer.

Unfortunately, we are unable to invite you for further interviews. Our decision should not be interpreted as a reflection of your capabilities or skills; your education and experience have qualified you for many challenging and rewarding opportunities.

I would like to thank you for the interest you have shown in Morgan Stanley and wish you every success in your search elsewhere.

Yours Sincerely,
IT College Recruiting

Folks, if there ever was a doubt in your mind as to the size of my testicles, remember that I sent this email right to Morgan Stanley and I didn’t hide who I was. Didn’t hear me? I said Morgan Stanley.

And the interviewer’s lines are intentionally bad English. This guy couldn’t form complete sentences. Thanks a lot, illegal immigration and affirmative action!

Congratulations, Morgan Stanley, you are immortalized on the EIP web-ring as a shining model of incompetence. Good luck on your bailout!

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Announcer: You’re reading the EIP web-ring.

3 Responses to “Nowhere To Run: 18 – Morgan Stanley Interview”

  1. Now Morgan Stanley has nowhere to run to.

  2. Of course you can have memory leaks in Java:

  3. moffdub Says:

    Mark, of course you are right. The interviewer’s example was not nearly as well-thought-out, or, um, correct at all.

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